Water bore, Solar Pump & Water Tanks – Vanuatu 2023
Installation of water bore, solar pump and water tanks in Takara Village in North Effate Island, Vanuatu, servicing approximtately 300 people.
A group of people posing in front of a water tank.

Water Tank Installation – Vanuatu – 2023


During 2023, we were approached by an Australian family, the Chapmans. The Chapmans spent time in Vanuatu and noticed the need for clean water supply at Takara Village in North Effate Island.

The community of around 300 had issues with salty and hot water, due to their location near the
sea and hot water springs. Rain is frequent but the community had small means to catch it.

We provided the funding for a water bore, solar pump, and water tanks to be installed. The water bore was situated further inland, with a tank installed up the top and gravity fed down to the village with another tank in the village. The Chapmans went back and co-ordinated the project.

The community was very happy!


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