Water System Installation – Nepal 2021
Creating accessible water to a remote community in Thuman Village, Rasuwa, Nepal.

Installation of water system – Nepal 2021

In 2021 we were approached by a beautiful young man named Sonam Tsering.  He was very concerned about his village and asked if we could help.

 One of the concerns Sonam had was the lack of water access to their village (near Tibet Border).  We had the pleasure of installing a water system for this remote village.  The villagers now have access to water rather than having to walk miles up and down steep hills to fetch it.

After fundraising from the community, urgent supplies were sent to people in grave need in this  village of Nepal. As there were 56 cases of Covid, no work (tourism, trekking or loading and unloading across border), and the school had been closed since 2019. The elderly needed medical assistance, faced issues with snakes and leeches in fieldwork to grow food.  Their houses had also been damaged from earthquakes in 2015, and not repaired. There was no aid for food, health advice or medical assistance re Covid,

Both immediately and over time Global Ripple was able to provide food and basic supplies, get hygiene and supplies (soap, sanitiser etc), buy gumboots for all who needed them, install an oxygen machine (which immediately saved lives), provide specific medical needs, reopen and stock the school with teaching aids, stationery, games, a laptop and Wifi installed etc.
Sonam Tsering and his team not only arranged and oversaw all this, and transported supplies in all weather conditions, but they also kept meticulous receipts and records, and made sure all vulnerable people were safe. Covid cases dropped to zero.
Further reading books and Tibetan and English  language children’s books were later sent, and a fully registered NGO (Life Aid Rasuwa, Nepal) set up and approved.  Further plans were drawn up when life improved, to care for orphans and the elderly, who were in essence abandoned during Covid.
Reports and assessments in English and copious photographs by Sonam Tsering documented it all.

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