Water Bore Installation for ‘Home of Grace’ Orphanage – Kakamega, Kenya 2018
in 2018 we installed a water bore, solar pump and water tanks at our beautiful little orphanage 'Home of Grace'.
A man is digging a well in a field.

Water Bore, solare pump and water tank installation – Kenyan Orphanage

‘Home of Grace’ orphanage was set up by an Indigenous Australian Lady named Carmel.

Carmel lost her husband and set off around the world. She found herself in Kenya and noticed the number of homeless and parentless children on the streets. She bought a block of land and took 36 children under her wings. Gorgeous story.

We were informed that the children had to run buckets of water upstairs to pour back down on the other children for showers. For $250 USD we installed two showers and eradicated this problem for them.

Months after the installation of the water system, they sent us photos of their thriving crop in their backyard that was made possible due to their new water. Gave us goosebumps to see them making good use of it and providing food and income for the orphanage.

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