Housing & Community Support after 2015 Earthquakes Waku Village, Nepal
Removed people from living under tarps by providing building materials and rebuilding shelters.
A group of volunteers posing in front of a tent to support a non-profit charity.

Rebuilding shelter for the Waku Village in Nepal after the 2015 Earthquakes.

In June 2015, we received a request for assistance from the members of Waku Village, Nepal, who had faced the devastation of their village in the wake of the earthquakes earlier in the year. With monsoon season fast approaching and sub-standard shelter available, we issued a call to action, pooled our resources and got straight to it!

With incredible support from our local community, within 3 weeks we hosted a fundraising event at Garden of Eden on the Gold Coast and successfully surpassed our fundraising target to enable us to provide housing for over 180 members of the village. Within a further two weeks we had our inspiring Global Ripple ambassadors Jacqui Boyett and Kate White on the ground in Nepal and ready to assist the village with construction.

This was a true community achievement and we see this as collaboration and compassionate action at its best.

Whilst Jacqui and Kate were in the village they noticed that most of the community was sleeping on hard cold floor. When asked who would like a mattress to sleep on during a community gathering, the whole village put their hands up with excitement and started cheering.  Foam mattresses were purchased for everyone at a cost of $850 USD.  It’s the small things in life that bring the most joy!

Our most heartfelt thanks to all the businesses that gave so generously and the individuals who worked so hard to help us bring shelter and safety to the people of Waku Village. You are truly AMAZING!!!!

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