The Kind Farm – Mullumbimby
Providing Financial support to 'The Kind Farm', to help rescue ex-race horses and abandoned horses to help them heal and live out a peaceful life.

The Kind Farm – Horse Rescue, Mullumbimby


“We are a Horse Rescue Network saving horses at risk of slaughter.
The inspiration for The Kind Farm Inc. is TRUST, KINDNESS, MAGIC & FREEDOM
Offering horses kindness and pure love with the intention for them to heal emotionally and physically, to build trust and then have the freedom to be who they truly are.
From this space, the magic happens for both the horses and the humans sharing the journey.”

Lucinda Morningstar


Global Ripple helped with the set up costs and will continue to support The Kind Farm to continue their selfless work.  

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Your contributions mean the world to us and play a vital part in helping us support those in need. Rest assured, we’re committed to full transparency and ensuring every single dollar is used in the most effective way. We do have some running costs, of course, but as much as humanly possible goes directly towards our projects and the people who need it most.

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