Construction of Boys Dorm for Home of Grace Orphanage – Kakamega, Kenya
Provide financial support to a beautiful Orphanage in Kenya
A group of children posing for a picture.

Home of Grace Orphanage Kakamega, Kenya

Global Ripple provided financial support to help house, feed, and school the 36 orphans.

‘Home of Grace’ orphanage was set up by an  Indigenous Australian Lady named Carmel.

Carmel lost her husband and set off around the world. She found herself in Kenya and noticed the number of homeless and parentless children on the streets. She bought a block of land and took 36 children under her wings. 

Government authorities had told the orphanage that they could not continue to operate unless separate buildings were constructed for boys and girls. We were not about to let our favourite orphanage close down, so we funded the construction of the new building so these amazing people could continue to love and care for these unfortunate children.

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