Healthcare and Hospitalisation
Urgent hospitalisation and health care for community members suffering serious health concerns
A woman in a wheelchair with a group of people around her.

Healthcare and Hospitalisation

After spending months living in the slums we couldn’t go past some of the serious health concerns of a few of the community members. 
Bhutia (42 years old & father of 5) was terribly ill when we were introduced to him.  He had been wrongly diagnosed by many doctors & was suffering from a complete stomach obstruction. We took him to the Tibetan Delek hospital in Dharamshala & they referred him to the well-known Endoscopist, Dr Anil Singh, who has his own private hospital in the city of Pathankot in the Punjab.
After many stays in Dr Singhs hospital, Bhutia is thankfully back to full health. 
Only this form of medical intervention was capable of saving his life & it would have been impossible for Bhutia & his family to pay for it.
We also care for a 14 year old girl called Muskaan on an ongoing basis.
Muskaan had an operation more than a year ago for a spinal tumour which has left her partially paralyzed.
She requires monthly visits to a private hospital where she receives expensive medical attention for a number of issues but also including very deep bed sores which only the services of a plastic surgeon can alleviate.
We also made it possible for a little 9 month old baby boy born with a hole in his heart to have a lifesaving operation. He is now 100% fit & healthy & can now go on to live a long & healthy life.

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