Vital Diabetes Awareness, Dental Care & Community Support
Vital Diabetes Awareness, Dental Care & Community Support in Gunu Village, Fiji. Situated on Naviti Island, in the Yasawas, Gunu is a remote community accessible only by boat.

On a trip to Gunu Village, Fiji in 2014, Jacqui Boyett, Global Ripple’s Founder & Director, saw firsthand the devastating effects of diabetes linked to high sugar intake resulting in heart and blood pressure issues, amputated limbs and extreme tooth decay.

A local teacher, Ray Natathy, was employed to facilitate a health and nutrition awareness program within the village. In this 3 stage program, Ray was working directly with the children at Gaunavou Primary School, conducting development classes with the teachers and with each family within the village helping them to make informed choices…knowledge is power!

A dental health care program was run at the same time.  Many of the people were living in excruciating pain from untreated tooth decay.  Many people were taken over to the mainland and lined up at the hospital to have their teeth fixed and pain removed.

We also helped raise funds for the purchase of a local boat that fit 80, and life jackets. The purpose of this boat was to carry the people to the mainland to seek medical help and to sell their goods at the market. Previously they would rely upon vacant seats on the neighbouring village boat, which was mostly full each week. This boat provided relief for the village and also saved money on travel costs.

The program has been a successful journey of love.

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