Fletcher Street Cottage
Financial support to our local homeless and rough sleeper hub - Byron Bay
A group of volunteers posing in front of a sign that says save Fletcher Street Cottage in support of the non-profit charity.

Financial Support To Fletcher Street Cottage – Byron Bay

Byron Bay has the highest homeless rate in Australia.  Fletcher Street Cottage is an organisation that provides food, showers, washing machines, driers, social workers, and doctors. It is a much needed service for the Northern Rivers community.

The cottage is a safe place for our vulnerable sleepers.  It truly is an amazing environment. Check out their amazing service at:


In August 2022, Fletcher Street held a campaign to help their doors stay open.  They were raising emergency funds from the community.  Global Ripple dedicated all proceeds of August to this cause, raising a huge $55,450.  A huge effort from the community!

Fletcher Street Cottage is one of our favourite partnerships and we are very proud to provide funding for the running costs to keep their doors open to our vulnerable sleepers.

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Your contributions mean the world to us and play a vital part in helping us support those in need. Rest assured, we’re committed to full transparency and ensuring every single dollar is used in the most effective way. We do have some running costs, of course, but as much as humanly possible goes directly towards our projects and the people who need it most.

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