Community Kitchen
Community Kitchen in Bhagsu near Dharamshala, feeding hundreds of people living below the poverty line.
A group of children standing in front of a food stand.

Community Kitchen

During the time when we were providing food bags and supplies during Covid 19, people started to hear of us & the local manager of the Day Labourers in McLeod Ganj came to speak to us about providing the workers with a hot lunch each day as they only earned 6,000 rupees ($109 AUD) per month & to give them a meal a day would save them a lot of money which they could use for other purposes.

We employed some wonderful cooks from the local communities & began serving a delicious, wholesome hot meal out of the back of the car in various areas around McLeod Ganj & Dharmshala along with warm second hand clothes.
The menu varied from day to day.

One thing led to another & we decided to open a permanent Community Kitchen in Bhagsu, the town adjacent to McLeod Ganj for the Day Labourers & those who really needed food.

This has been a huge success & serves a nutritious, hot meal on a daily basis & continues to provide donated clothes & food bags.

Our regular guests include many little children who come to eat with us virtually every day. It bring us so much joy to be able to give them healthy food & to see them flourishing.

Our Community Kitchen affects the whole area in a positive way. Anyone & everyone is welcome to eat with us without discrimination.

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