The Owl & The PussyCat Farm Animal Sanctuary
Ongoing financial support to help erect fencing, barns, residential pads at the animal sanctuary, to help home and rehome abandoned animals.
A collage of farm animals and pets, including cows, chickens, a goat, a horse, and a dog, alongside children interacting with them. Logo text: "The Owl & Pussycat, 2007, Animal Sanctuary, Est. 1987.

Animal Sanctuary

The Owl & The PussyCat Farm Animal Sanctuary

The Owl & The PussyCat Farm Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit, registered charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of farmed animals in need.  Situated 130 acres of beautiful land just 20 minutes north of Byron Bay.

Over the years we have helped build fencing, errect barns, provided funds for feed and vet costs.

After the 2022 Floods, we paid for the construction of 7 Tiny home pads and a toilet block. This was a long-term solution to help both house flood victims and also generate much-needed funds for the running costs of the sanctuary.


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Your contributions mean the world to us and play a vital part in helping us support those in need. Rest assured, we’re committed to full transparency and ensuring every single dollar is used in the most effective way. We do have some running costs, of course, but as much as humanly possible goes directly towards our projects and the people who need it most.

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