The Op Shop

The best thrift store in Byron Bay!

Op Shop Locations

Our original op-shop is based in the glorious Byron Bay, at 2 Grevillea Street (next to Bunnings).

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday: 9:00am – 4.30pm

Feel good shopping

Purchases with purpose. It’s a win-win!

After a fire destroyed our Byron Bay op shop in December 2022, we were absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude for the support we received. Thanks to our wonderful community, we’re back and better than ever!

So come on in and explore our amazing new op shop. It’s a treasure trove of beautiful clothing, furniture, and everything in between. From vintage gems to modern must-haves, it’s full of finds that will make your heart skip a beat.

We seriously can’t believe how much good stuff is pumping through continuously! The Byron Bay community is such a kaleidoscope of people from all walks of life and the goodies that get donated really reflect that.

You can find just about anything and everything in this quirky, fun-loving nest of goodness. An absolutely exquisite designer shirt alongside the most perfectly quirky pineapple-shaped bag. Handmade jewellery to groovy kids attire. Camping gear for a family weekender to eclectic household items for the new pad. A new wardrobe thrift find or some beautiful artwork from near or far. All for a fraction of the price of buying new. (And we mean a fraction. Like, your eyes might pop out of your head if you saw the original price of some of these things!)

The best part? Your purchases and donations directly help to make a positive impact on the lives of others and do something good for the environment.

Now that’s what you call stylish AND sustainable!

Why an op shop?

“As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy.  — EMMA WATSON

We want to be a part of the solution, not the problem.


The stats

Currently, more than 200,000 tonnes of clothing ends up in Australian landfill every year, making textiles one of the largest contributors to Australia’s waste crisis. (That’s an average of 23kg per person!) Many of these things take hundreds of years to break down and some even release microplastics into the soil, which eventually end up in our already-overloaded waterways.

Sadly, only around 2% of clothing gets recycled. And when you consider that the average person only wears 40% of their clothes, it means there are so many perfectly good clothes and items just sitting unused, waiting to make a difference for someone else!

The solution

Op shops are so much more than just clothing stores, and here are a few reasons why:


We love the fact that we’re a great avenue to extend the life of things, fight fast fashion, promote sustainable shopping, and contribute to the circular economy. It means less going to landfill and more things getting a second life, which makes us (and the environment) happy.


We can directly support those in need through the goods donated as well as the proceeds, so our support can go twice as far! The cheaper prices also mean many people are able to get what they need AND afford important bills, without breaking the bank.


One of the best things about op shops is that they’re for everyone! We’re proud to have created a really supportive and inclusive space where people can come as they are and find whatever they like.


Op shops bring people together, building connections and a sense of community. Everyone loves a feel-good bargain and there’s nothing like the thrill of the perfect thrift store find. On the flip side, donating makes people feel good because they know they’re helping others in need as well as helping keep items out of landfill.


Want to donate furniture, clothing or goods?

Why thank you from the bottom of our hearts! By donating your pre-loved items, you’re not only decluttering but also creating positive ripples that touch countless lives. (And it might feel like you’re getting the better end of the deal, but items are as good as cash to us.)

Feeling amazing yet? You should be!
Simply pop into our shop with any donations you have. We’d love to meet you and personally thank you for your incredible support.


Free furniture pick-up + delivery

We offer free pick-up or delivery for furniture or large items, just send photos of the items to 0457 192 225 and our Furniture Manager will contact you to arrange a time that suits you.


Other ways to support us

Love what we do and want to donate a different way? You lovely human, you! We welcome volunteers, direct donations, hugs, and any other way you might like to get involved. We’re just super grateful that you want to support us, however that may be.