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Nepal Mobile Medical Facility

Nepal Mobile Medical Facility

Mobile medical facility Nepal

As of November 2016, Global Ripple set up and started sponsoring a Nepalese Doctor to be the mobile medical facility, serving the entire Waku Region in Nepal which directly helps approximately 1600 people.

Prior to this, there was no medical assistance close to the region. When one of their village members get sick, they wait until it is extremely serious before they set off on a 2 day hike up the Himalayan mountains, with the sick person in a basket strapped onto their back. It takes 5–6 men to go on the journey, all taking it in turns to share the intense labour.

Global Ripple helps sick boy in NepalWhen the Global Ripple volunteers were in Waku Village after the 2015 earthquake, they saved a 16 year old boys life. He was suffering from a chronic kidney infection. Volunteers believe that he would not have survived if they hadn’t helped him with their own medications and medical knowledge. Other people in the village were missing the sight in one or both of their eyes due to poor hygiene, which created infections. This could be avoided if there had been doctor in the region. It was obvious that serious help was needed.

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