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Global Ripple have also built a new building. Government authorities had told the orphanage that they could not continue to operate unless separate buildings were constructed for boys and girls. Global Ripple was not about to let their favourite orphanage close down, so we funded the construction of the new building so these amazing people can continue to love and care for these unfortunate children.

A recent photo of The Home of Grace featuring their flourishing maize plantation. Made possible by the installation of a solar water pump and water tanks


The beginning of 2017 has seen Global Ripple become involved with the Home of Grace Orphanage in Kakamega, Kenya.We have purchased a much needed Solar Water Pump and Water Tank for the Orphanage and following keen enthusiasm from the team on the ground in Kakamega building work to install this equipment has now been completed.

Watertank                         water tank pic three

Global Ripple has also sponsored two girls, so that they may continue to be able to go to school. We are currently also preparing for phase two of the project which will entail; the building of a security wall and guard house and the installation of heated showers.

The story of the Home Of Grace Orphanage is a special one. The childrens home was established in 1999 by Carmel Alma Lammon. Carmel was a widow from an Aboriginal community in Ayr, Queensland, and after the death of her husband, Carmel gave her life to helping others. She traveled to India and Kenya, and worked to help children in Nairobi slums. Carmel saw the need to start a childrens home and through the help of an African friend got an apartment in the outskirts of Kakamega , which she rented and founded the beginning of the Home of Grace Orphanage. Seven orphans whose parents had died from AIDS, were the first to be cared for at the Home of Grace and they now have thirty six orphans in their care. The home also supports Grandmothers who take care of children and H.I.V positive single mothers,  Carmel Lammon is still a powerful , loving force at the Orphanage and recently celebrated her 80th birthday!


Global Ripple looks forward to providing ongoing support for the Home of Grace Orphanage, Kenya



orphanage GARDEN

Carmel and catholic sister

A wonderful photo from The Home of Grace Orphanage in Kenya, of their flourishing vegetable garden that has been made possible by the ongoing support from Global Ripple.

Looking on is Carmel Alma Lammon an indigenous Australian who started the orphanage eighteen years ago. Carmel is now in her eighties and feeling very proud  and we are feeling proud here at Global Ripple too.







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