Get Involved

To us, community is everything and we believe that as members of this Global Family, we all have an important part to play.

We each have the capacity to contribute to the world around us through our loves, skills or talents and through this contribution we can create a ripple of positivity. These ripples can be powerful and far reaching, not just for the recipients but for the giver also.

We believe that by working together to care for those who need it within our Global Community, we are actively creating ripples that build peace, compassion and wellbeing for ourselves and for our world.

There are infinite ways to contribute and we each have unique talents and skills to share. Perhaps giving on a monetary level isn’t suitable for you right now or you feel you could make a stronger contribution through donating your time or skills instead. Well kiddo, that’s A OK with us!

Your time, skills and talents are a welcome gift of kindness and support, enabling us to continue making a difference in the lives of those who need it. So let’s get together, get creative and come up with something that suits you.

You may like to support Global Ripple within your workplace, through donations of those you work with or maybe a portion of profits from a specific service or product could be donated?

Maybe you’re a musician or entertainer and would like to hold a gig or event to raise funds or would even like to donate your time and perform at one of our event nights?

Perhaps you’re a teacher (yoga, dance, art, language, even unicycling) and would like to hold a class once a week/month/year with profits to be used towards fundraising?

If you have a retail outlet or public space, you may be interested in housing a Global Ripple product stand with a small range of quality donated goods with the purchase price going directly into one of our in store donation tins (think a miniature op shop in a stand).

The skies the limit!

If you are interested to see how you can get involved, simply enter your details in our Contact Us form here and let’s get the ball rolling!

Thank you for your time, kindness and support to enable us to directly assist those who need it! Xoxo

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