About Us

Meet Global Ripple

Creating ripples of goodness around the globe

Our charity is unique in every essence. Fiercely independent and deeply compassionate, we’re all about spreading love, kindness, and wellbeing wherever we go.

We have one simple goal – to provide help in all shapes and forms to whoever needs it (including furry friends!). We support individuals and communities experiencing hardship in a range of ways, such as providing essentials like clothing, bedding, household items, interest-free loans, food vouchers, and even financial assistance for covering basic needs.

But it doesn’t stop there.

We also believe in uplifting and shining a light on other individuals and organisations who share the same core ethos and values, ultimately putting more kindness in the world to ripple out!

As a non-profit charity, most of our funding comes from our op shop, donations, and fundraising efforts – and we are SO insanely grateful for the sublime generosity of our community. We can’t say this enough! Whether through donations, money, or time,

your support directly impacts those in need.

Behind the name

Why ‘Global Ripple’?

Our name represents the idea that when we extend a helping hand or perform an act of kindness, it creates a ripple effect that reaches far beyond its initial impact. Just like a ripple in water expands and touches everything in its path, every action, no matter how small, has the power to create a far-reaching ripple effect that can transform lives.

When you choose Global Ripple, you become part of something bigger.

Money well spent

Where does the money go, really?

We’re dedicated to being genuine and open so you can be confident that your contributions are making a positive difference. Unlike some so-called “charitable” organisations that may not prioritise truly charitable causes or even use half the donated funds, we fiercely ensure that every dollar goes where it’s needed most. No hidden agendas, no affiliations with religious or political parties, no exorbitant corporate wages. Instead, we focus on authentic, transparent giving, ensuring that our resources are allocated to support individuals, projects, and other non-profit organisations in the most effective way possible.

After expenses, 100% of profits are dispersed directly to the people and projects we support, both locally and abroad. We meticulously research and select our causes, ensuring that they align with our values and have a genuine impact.

As a business, we of course have some running costs and we will always be transparent about those. Apart from day-to-day costs, it takes approximately 18 volunteers and permanent staff (equating to approximately 4 full-time wages) to keep this magic going. It’s hard work with such full-on days, and our amazing team members are the reason we can do what we do! We don’t have outrageously paid CEOs sitting on million-dollar boats in Bali, we’re just rewarding our key team members for keeping the cause running – and as a bonus, helping support local families (we have a bit of a soft spot for employing single parents!).

Our Story

How it all started

It all started with a simple belief: that every person deserves love, support, and access to essential resources.

Inspired to change lives and make a difference in any way, shape or form, our founder, Jacqui, took the plunge into the unknown with heart, soul and a vision. Everything since that leap of faith has flowed naturally and it has now grown into the most magical adventure yet. We never could have imagined how far we would come and the support has been truly overwhelming!

Now we’re on a mission…

to uplift and empower anyone facing financial struggles or hardship.

Our Founder

Meet Jacqui

Jacqui is the founder and driving force behind everything we do!

Global Ripple Inc was born from a desire to help others struggling as she did. It started on a small scale then just grew and grew. In 2022, Jacqui received the Byron Shire Citizen of the Year award.

Here’s her story:

Jacqui became a young mum at 21 and started her entrepreneurial journey at 23. Her first business was a childcare centre in Bowen, followed by a number of other medium-sized businesses. Devastatingly, a con artist stole everything she had created, and then she became a single mum at 27, skyrocketing her already high stress levels.

Struggling in every way, she moved to a remote island in Fiji with her two young daughters (10 and 11), hoping to share a profound life lesson. The result? A mission that would change not only their lives but the lives of many others.

“When I started Global Ripple, I was a single mother of two young girls, and I felt the deep struggle mentally, physically, and financially. I took my daughters over to a remote village in Fiji to live, to show them that even though we didn’t have much, we still had a lot compared to others struggling around the world.

While I was living in a tiny shed in the Yasawas, I noticed many people living in excruciating pain. I couldn’t believe that people could live like that and have no solution to relieve their pain.

Once back in Australia, I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I did some research and found out it would only cost me $30 AUD to alleviate one person’s toothache, with an additional $20 for transportation back to the island (which is their family’s income for the whole week). So for $50, I could make a serious change in someone’s life.

I started saving all my pennies and went back to help people have their rotten teeth removed. We then started an education program outlining the importance of cleaning one’s teeth and reducing their sugar intake.

This was the moment I realised helping others was what I was meant to be doing and what would feed my soul. After that, we were contacted by a Sherpa in Nepal after their massive earthquake in 2015, so we organised fundraising to help rebuild roofs in a remote village in Nepal. The need to help people just grew stronger and stronger, and here we are today with a very successful nonprofit organisation that helps thousands of people yearly.”

– Jacqui xo


Your contributions mean the world to us and play a vital part in helping us support those in need. Rest assured, we’re committed to full transparency and ensuring every single dollar is used in the most effective way. We do have some running costs, of course, but as much as humanly possible goes directly towards our projects and the people who need it most.

Be a ripple maker...

Sprinkle kindness like it is confetti